Techron Partners with Paul Fix


Press Contact: Todd Benne


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Williamsville, NY- (June 30, 2016) Techron fuel additives has partnered with Paul Fix, for the balance of the 2016 Trans Am championship races and his other racing efforts, to be announced.? Techron?s dedication to performance compliments Fix?s own enthusiasm to excel above other competitors.


?We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Techron Concentrate Complete Fuel System Cleaner,? stated Fix. ?We look forward to sharing this exciting 50th anniversary season in Trans Am and our chase for the championship.?


Techron?s drive to succeed has allowed for the creation of a product that increases performance, power and acceleration. All characteristics similar to what is required to excel on track.


?Techron?s efforts to deliver unsurpassed results in engine performance has pushed them to the forefront. We encompass the same approach with our racing team, striving to always be on top,? noted Fix.


Techron? Concentrate Plus is a Complete Fuel System Cleaner that works in one tankful. It is formulated for gasoline powered passenger cars and light trucks, including carbureted, two-stroke, port fuel injected and direct injected engines. Techron Concentrate Complete Fuel System Cleaner can be purchased at several retail outlets.


About Paul Fix:


Paul Fix is a professional racecar driver based in New York, he has been competing in the SCCA Pro Trans-Am Series since 2000, started racing in 1992. Fix has several wins, podium finishes and championships in his career.?




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